Lavender Wisdom

It’s started ❤️

Working with plants has begun and it feels so natural.

There’s a butterfly lavender plant I felt so drawn to. It’s the start of my menstrual cycle so I feel really sluggish. I felt to place the plant close to me and I noticed particularly the ‘wings’ at the top of the flower. I had such a strong feeling to pull an oracle card and that it would relate. Sure enough the same card got picked twice. On it is a lady with butterfly like wings. I’ve also been reading a nature book by an artist who lives in a place called Wing.

The card spoke of many opportunities opening up to me, but also to know that every one I say yes to will require my energy, heart and mind. Balance is needed. Time to do and time to be. This is so relevant.

Recently I’ve been thinking I’d like to teach asana less and have more time and space for other things. I have no idea how, what or even why, I just know teaching movement as I am, 6 days a week, wants to change soon. I want more space. More room to manouver and reflect. Something wants to change.

Lavender reminds me of gentle healing. She feels like the reflective moon to me, soothing and quietening. She feels deep and quiet.

The counselling course I’m on is allowing me the time and space to become just that.. Reflective, quiet, wiser and deeper. It’s also asking a lot of questions that are calling me to know myself more and therefore to adjust course in places.

Lavender, to me, is a gentle healer. Her colour, scent, simple shape and astringent but calming smell all add up to ‘take some time to choose wisely and factor in the need for space and healing’.

To me, the language of certain flowers is easily translatable. I’ve been listening and drinking in their healing for years, just not labelling it as that.

Colour, shape, smell and texture has always been a potent language for me as a kinesthetic person who predominantly ‘feels’ the world. Even colour feels like a vibration to me.

A lovely little bonus to the message of this card is it mentions the need to balance giving and receiving. Today has been mostly receiving. The owner of our accommodation popped by today and invited us to his farm. It has a fishing pool, animals, crops to pick, glamping, fire pit and sauna. He also allowed us access to his pool table and table tennis, totally for free 😉 The cafe we visited earlier invited us to view their new roastery in the making. It’s not something they’d normally do but they found out it was adys bday and we’d travelled to their cafe especially. It was worth the trip!

The final little gift is a pine Martin (possibly a family of them) living near our bedroom. There are just under 3000 known to Scotland and we have a few on our doorstep ❤️😍

Feeling quietly blessed, held and ushered into new landscapes, inner and outer.

One thought on “Lavender Wisdom

  1. Thank you for sharing and giving insights into your new experiences and reflections .
    I have often left feeling the greater depth to Lavender as I often come across that deep rich aroma and texture. Thanks for thinking more about it and connecting .

    Happy birthday Aby

    6 days a week of Asana over a significant period of time yes is tough and emotionally and physically demanding – as illness bouts succumb . However the immense power of movement coupled with spiritual and psychological release through mindful stress release and reflection , promoting deeper awareness of our selves our body systems and subsystems coming together in a holistic unity through your guidance and exploration and learning and it’s reflexive integration .
    That is quite special and both blessed and a gift of a teacher and skilled learner often in graceful simple movers and poses .

    Healing and the counselling journey will give open up new potential areas of reflection and growth alongside the joy of life and movement and its understanding .



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