The Orangery

This is our scene right now. Sat by a log burner, relaxing music, so much light, plants everywhere, Ady doing his birthday jigsaw puzzle and me wanting to capture the magic of this holiday. It truly does feel magical so far.

I’ll start with our first overnight stay. It was at a beautiful, very luxurious hotel called Cally Palace. It was steeped in history and intrigue. The venue and food was incredible but it was the grounds that truly captivated me.

We walked at twilight, after our a la carte 3 course meal, and came across old woodland with hidden cottages and ruins. The only way I can describe the feeling of the place was that it was hyper alive. It almost felt enchanted. It’s the only place I’ve ever been that actually felt like it had nature spirits. I really didn’t want to leave. I could have soaked up that energy for days.

That evening I felt compelled to find out more about Cally Palace grounds and nature spirits. It led me down a rabbits hole of discovery, only to find that our final destination the next day would be near a world famous eco village that started off with a small group of people who sensed plant consciousness and plant spirits. Eileen Caddy was the most famous of the founders, but her friend and colleague Dorothy Maclean was the one who first sensed that plants had spirits that could communicate with her. Through listening to them she was able to grow absolutely huge healthy vegetables from almost barren windswept sandy ground apparently. This attracted much investigation from the outside world and they slowly became famous. I’m near that village right now.

I found the above book on audible and started listening on our long journeys in the car, deciding I’d like a geranium to work with. When we arrived at our destined home for the week, it’s surrounded by hardy geraniums lol. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The author was mentioning about making plant remedies and tinctures, teas and creams. Today Ady took us to Gordon Castle walled garden, and they just so happened to make their own teas, tinctures and creams from their plants. I couldn’t believe it! It was such a beautiful, peaceful space. The cafe made meals from their produce too. Neat rows of vegetables, herbs and flowers for cutting. Espalier fruit trees everywhere. It was pure art.

I wonder if I’m being called to work with my allotment in a new and deeper way. The author is also a reiki healer and uses plant medicine as part of her healing. Maybe I could too? All I know is that I want to develop a new and deeper relationship with plants. I believe the world is filled with consciousness in a way that most of us haven’t experienced because we haven’t been taught to open up. I believe there’s more love in this world than we have yet tapped into.

As I sit here, finishing off this post, Ady is laughing at how many chins he thinks he has on his photo earlier. I snort as I laugh. I think we all see ourselves differently to how others do. He’s lovely but he does make me laugh! Laughter has been a lovely part of this journey, keeping us light and warm. It started as we set off from Coventry for our epic drive to the highlands. We often listen to a funny talking book en-route and this time it was the life story of a comedian. At times we laughed til we cried. A student randomly messaged me something about the power of laughter, her message made the talking book stop (that never was a sign) and I smiled that she couldn’t possibly have known. When we arrived two days later at our home for the week, we noticed ‘the joker’ card tucked in a bracket by the door. Laughter and it’s healing power xx

The log burner hot tub will be ready to get into soon. Adys been stoking it. It faces the forest that our cabin backs onto. Bird song here is constant until night time. We have swifts nesting in the porch and another bird in a bird box by the door. So blessed to watch them darting back and forth.

My next post will include the recipes I’ve been using. Talk about plant power! mmmmm. Tastes so luxurious but is so nutritious and Ady can eat without chin fear lol.

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