Be Kind

This week’s yoga theme is mindfulness. Calming and clearing the mind. So what about those days or months when it just won’t calm. You worry. Over analyse. Catastrophise. Become obsessive. Anxious. What then?

My honest answer. Be kind.

I saw this quote today in one of my mindful workbooks and everything in me agreed. What if you could just be kind. What if that was your only aim. Be kind with your mind. It’s doing its best to protect you. It just gets a bit overzealous at times. Mine can be totally over the top throwing me into sleepless nights and exhausted days as it rubiks cubes everything it can’t control. I understand. I have so much compassion for people who are anxious. I had years of suffering chronic anxiety before I found the path I’m on, and even now I know anxiety is something we dance with all our lives.

I just don’t think mindfulness should be yet another way we harshly judge ourselves. See it as more of a ray of light to guide and soothe you. A warm sunbeam you can bathe in when it’s there, and on the days it’s hidden by clouds of thoughts, try not to panic. The sun is always shining. The clouds will part.

I love this mindful journal long book. It contains page after page of simple joy. Enjoy your home, the thrill of saying no (jono), the colours, textures, sounds, stories. If you have Netflix there’s a beautiful film called The Secret, Dare to Dream. It’s all about gentle hope. When was the last time you lay back just to listen to music? The joy of sound.

A friend recently bought me this blue angel. I love stained glass. It has pride of place in my indigo room. Angels mesmerise me. I love the thought of a being so pure its energy can cleanse the densest of places.

The little plant was bought as a baby. I adopt plants. My heart breaks as I see them dying on shop shelves. Dying of thirst. So I adopt them all. Crazy plant lady! This one utterly surprised me this morning by sprouting flowers as a thank you.

If you get the chance today, be kind to your mind. A form of mindfulness. Notice the things you love. Remember little moments that touched your heart. Allow your feelings to flow as you trust the inner river, whether it’s tears or joy. Let it flow. Watch the process with lovingkindness and you’re being mindful.

If you’re feeling creative I’ll leave you with a little story prompt. This one made me laugh. I could just imagine my cats getting so fed up of me that they finally speak. What would they say? šŸ¤£

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