Peaks Day 3

Today was the heaviest menstrual day for me. I felt like I had no blood left in my head so we sloped off for a lazy morning in Buxton.

We expected beauty. It’s a spa town. My god we were disappointed. The cold and drizzle mingled with tired old cheap shops that made Heron Foods and Iceland look posh. Every other shop was a charity shop with nothing in it that even slightly enticed, and I’m a bargain queen. It was a depressing place. Even the people looked tired and shabby. It fitted with my slug like menstrual state I guess.

Breakfast was in the one jazzy cafe that impressed us with its range of drinks at least, boasting a Sandalwood and Cinnamon blue latte that we never tried. I had the vegan breakfast and laughed that masala beans were definitely heinz baked beans slightly pimped up. Not a doubt in my mind.

After an hour of drifting around hoping we would find something worth the trip we gave up and went home. We considered visiting a stately hall or an open garden but in all honesty we both just fancied the cottage. Ady had a nap and I meditated with a cuppa. Sometimes it’s just nice to rest and land. Rest is one of those very unfancy things that creates so much abundance. Abundance of space, peace, revelations, energy.

As Ady reemerged from his nap, slightly crumpled, we decided to bake something together. One of the local health food shops had free magazines and one had a recipe for tiffin, a super healthy version. We put our trainers on and took a half hour stroll to Aldi. Glamourous day or what lol. Enroute we found a side path that took us through fields, beside a beautiful river. It was such a lovely find.

The tiffin was divine, as you can tell by my face, and Ady looks orgasmic 😂 well worth the trip.

We made carrot cake balls and I taught Ady how to make Daal. All of this was enjoyed in the front garden as the church bells rang, house Martins swooped, geese danced and swerved their way somewhere mid flight. Recipes are here..

I love that front garden. I’m always unashamedly in my pj’s, morning or evening. Tonight the neighbour stopped by for a good chat. It turns out the owner of our cottage is called Hart. There’s that name again. The third time this holiday! I know I’m being shown that it’s all about my heart at the moment. Keeping it open in a wild world. Stay kind.

Talking of kindness the neighbour was so kind. He offered we could borrow his bikes. He chatted for a good half hour, telling us stories and the best places to go. He had such a smiley face. His energy was just delicious and at 71 he was full of life.

It’s now the end of a beautifully ordinary day. We are rested, well fed, bathed and feel welcome in a lovely little community that is our home for a week. We have a fridge full of food so on our more adventurous days we can come home to utter nomiliciousness xx

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