Self Care

Focusing upon self care this week is a real gift. Self care for the physical body, or Annamaya kosha in yoga.

Part of this week’s care is daily walks with a camera. Yesterday I hung out with the squirrels at Coventry Cathedral. They eat out of your hand and just melt my heart. I went to Wilkos to buy them peanuts and spent the next hour in simple joy. A man stood to my left doing the same. We smiled at each other in quiet recognition of the simple, slow things in life. He said he did this often. Maybe I should too.

I’ve been reading a book on slow living. Appreciating the beauty and bounty all around you. Savouring each day and daily journeys.

When you take pictures, it helps you to really see.

I love moss. It’s so soft but strong, ancient and silent. It has always given me a quiet awe, then I found out that it’s one of the oldest plants on earth. You’ll often find me stroking it as I walk by, wondering why others don’t.

Have you experienced the story The Secret Garden? All she wanted was a piece of earth. It healed her soul. It healed her friends body. The magic of nature.

This beautiful garden is in the city centre. I always gaze through the gate, wondering how it would feel to sit within its strong walls, feeling held. I’ve never seen a soul in there. I wonder why? You wouldn’t be able to prise me out.

Sometimes I write my dreams on a leaf and then set it free to the earth or float it on a body of water. The ancients believed trees were an axis to the heavens. A conduit for prayers. It makes sense to me.

As part of your self care for the body, why not slip outside quietly, take a camera and capture the soft magic. I’d love to see what you find. I love sharing my soul with you. Maybe you could share yours too x

With love and kindness for your journey, Amanda xx

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