Class Library

Here’s the listings of classes that have been recorded. Which path will you choose? Soft or strong, Yin or Vinyasa. Each has it’s own magic. Each is a step closer.

Just remember to download them, so they’re yours forever. Your yoga library, there when you need it the most. Some days that may be at 1am. Live classes just can’t do that xx

To order classes simply email me on saying which classes you’d like and to receive payment details

Recently I have started using a theme for the month. Tues classes are gentler than Thursday but both have the same theme and a similar sequence normally. Thurs is a bit more aimed at strength building and most Tues classes include a guided meditation. Keeping to a theme and a groove of sequence can take us deeper than constant variety ever could. This is a new lesson I’m learning as a variety lover.

Throat Chakra Month (Sept 2021) Tues 7/14/21/28th and Thurs 9/16/23/30th. This theme is aimed at opening the throat and inquiring into speaking and honoring our truth and creativity in this world, applying Satya (sanskrit for truth) and looking into the Yoga Sutras for the truth of what Yoga is really all about. A juicy theme! The sequences also involved plenty of flow and leg work, including warrior dance and side body opening & twisting. Classes can be purchased individually or for the whole month.

Yoga Buffet £5

A 60 minute class that was filmed live. It involves a buffet of styles. Bits of vinyasa flow, hatha, tastes of yin £5

  1. Back, Neck, Shoulders & Hips: getting into all the bits that get tight. Unfurling you (1.4.20)
  2. Heart Dance Flow: this lovely class is a constant flow of opening the heart and folding back in (8.4.20)
  3. Hip Ease: it’s all about the hips. Slow and stretchy. Easing in (15.4.20)
  4. Sacral Creativity: I love this class! Not because of it’s perfection, but because it was real life. It’s all about the hips, hence sacral chakra and water. At times my mic distorts like I’m under water. I’m cat bombed through the whole thing as they get in on the flowing fun. A lot of laughter. I’m charging £3 for this one because of it’s perfect imperfections xx (22.4.20)
  5. Self Love: A gentle class full of nurturing self care. No planks or sun sals, just tlc. A few balances at the end for a smidge of challenge if wanted (29.4.20)
  6. 5 Elements: Feeling into the powers, the textures of earth, water, fire, air and ether (6.5.20) *a free introductory talk on the 5 elements will be sent with this class
  7. Earth Stretch and Strength: This is the first element in our elemental flow theme. The class is a lovely sandwich. The 1st part being grounded stretching; the 2nd part is solidifying strength reps; the finale being meditative Yin. A lovely combo. Experienced mic issues in a few places so happy to offer this for just £2.50 (13.5.20)
  8. Waterfall: This creative flow was such good fun. Challenging in places and very twisty turny. Bits of Mandala style yoga. One of my favs! (20.5.20)
  9. Inner Flame: Our inner firelight is love. Throughout this sequence we focus on getting what we need (self love), connection and manifestation. A beautiful flow focussing on us as energy beings (27.5.20)
  10. Dedicate: In this air inspired flow we learn how to dedicate our practice to a cause, another person or a situation. Sound issues in few places so just £2 for this very soulful, magical class (3.6.20)
  11. Space: Exploring subtle energy in this flow class, using mudra, mantra and sankalpa. A chakra flow with a little bit more xx (10.6.20)
  12. Childsplay: Working with the theme of The Mother we are exploring a creative sequence that gets into hips and shoulders. There’s some new poses like baby crow and new transitions. Playtime! (17.6.20)
  13. Mindful Lover: Working with the theme of The Lover, we explore being a lover of all we experience, using mindfulness as we flow. It was the hottest day of the year so it’s gentle. The first half is stretchy slow flow, the second half is Yin so we can really be with what is (24.6.20)
  14. Heal Softly: A gentler flow, mostly down on the mat. Carrying on from Mondays class, we explore avenues of healing within yoga and life (1.7.20)
  15. Active Care: Part of self care week, following on from Mondays class, we engage in an active flow. Some challenging poses and balances are offered, like bird of Paradise (8.7.20)
  16. Silent Shifts: An active flow with some fun challenges. Balances and challenges often make the mind very still because we have to focus. This class is part of the weeks theme of Silence (15.7.20)
  17. Comforting Ritual: Part of the weeks theme of Comfort, we flow with well known poses. Plenty of leg work, stretching and opening the whole body (22.7.20)
  18. Purify: These Weds classes are now held on a Tuesday. This class continues this weeks theme of Sauca, cleansing. It’s an active, heating, whole body flow to sweep the cobwebs away (28.7.20)
  19. Authenticity: Working with this weeks theme of throat chakra, this class is a softer flow. It’ll smooth off your edges and give you chance to exhale and feel (4.8.20)
  20. Who are you?: A playful take on this weeks theme of truth. Asking you questions to provoke deeper answers as we gently flow. Super hot day so softer practice. There’s a 15 minute truth meditation at the end of this class so it’s 1 hour and 15 mins £5 (11.8.20)
  21. Grounding Ayurveda: A candlelit class aimed at warming, opening, settling and grounding the body to balance out the vata energy of autumn (6.10.20)
  22. Soft Grounding: A gentle sequence down on the mat. Lots of tlc and settling down (13.10.20)
  23. Grounding Autumn Flow: Settled, warming grounding postures as a vinyasa flow. Perfect to balance out the changing energy of autumn (22.9.20)
  24. Emptiness: I love this theme. Impermanence. A grounding flow within which we explore the empty space after the exhale (27.10.20)
  25. Trust: A lovely class to calm the nervous system down. Full of twists and lots of tlc. Felt like a big fat hug (3.11.20)
  26. Body Self Care: Easing in and out of postures, using the breath. Felt dreamy. A gentler flowing sequence (10.11.20)
  27. Truth: Such a lovely theme. We celebrated who we are in this world. Our unique truth (17.11.20)
  28. Mindful Flow: working with mindfulness we feel into the flow of breath and movement (24.11.20)
  29. Peace Hatha: More of a hatha style, so longer holds. Room to breathe and find your peace, whether in standing postures or down on the mat (15.12.20) GP
  30. Christmas Class: A flowy upbeat class to get us ready for the festive lockdown season (22.12.20) GP
  31. Christmas Special for 75 mins!! A class full of mudra, mantra, breath work, chanting seed sounds in poses, using intention. Working with energy. A very special class (20.12.20) This class was followed by a Guided meditation by Marie Scott. If you would like a copy of this meditation please message me. It’s about 30 mins and takes you to meet guides and loved ones (20.12.20) GP
  32. Whole Body Sesh: Quite a classic flow just to open you up and get you moving (30.12.20)
  33. Joy: We are in the 1st week of 2021 and in Tier 4 lockdown. We need some joy theme! (5.1.21) GP
  34. Opening to Gratitude: We gently open the body at the start, lots of stretches, and go on to flow. In this theme we explore how openness often requires vulnerability, leading to being open to life (12.1.21) GP
  35. Serenity: This class starts off as a slow stretchy flow and moves into vinyasa flow. Drop into the stillness of being here now (19.1.21)
  36. 26.1.21: Stretch, balance and a little bit of strength. A whole body flow.
  37. 2.2.21: A focus on kindness. Stretchy and flow.
  38. 10.2.21: Mindful flow. A focus on being mindful as we move.
  39. 16.2.21: Strength and stretch. The strength will be longer holds of poses.
  40. 23.2.21: 5 elements theme. Earth, water, fire, air and ether as we flow through these textures.
  41. 2.3.21: Whole body flow. A nice mix of strength and stretch.
  42. 9.3.21: A class designed to bring you space to breathe, to drop into your heart with the question ‘what do I need?’

Sunday Morning Sweetness £4

A 60 minute dose of whole body flow. Not too tough, not too easy, just how sundays should be

  1. Gratitude: an open hearted sequence weaving in gratitude (5.4.20)
  2. Whole Body: this flow very simply gets into all the bits that need opening up (12.4.20)
Yoga Shots: Short Classes
  1. Bedtime Yoga £4: A 45 minute slow stretch out to ease you into a state of rest.
  2. Morning Stretch Out £4: a 45 minute whole body wake up. Soft but effective. A sweet way to start the day
  3. Strength Shot £3: 30 minutes of building strength. Done regularly and you’ll soon see and feel the results!
  4. Yin Meditation £1: A 15 minute Yin shot to calm you at any time of the day (7.7.20)
  5. 30 min Flow no.1 £3: Whole body flow to stretch you out (14.7.20)
  6. 30 min Flow no.2 £3: Whole body flow, warming and energising. A few strength challenges thrown in (21.7.20)
  7. Bird Of Paradise £4: A 60 minute fairly fast flow building upon Weds 17.6.20 Childsplay class. It’s basically a faster version of that class with less cues (18.6.20)
  8. Morning cleanse 30 mins £3: Working with the theme of sauca (purity) we get into juicy hips. No warriors, just lots of hip, heart and core (28.7.20)
  9. Vishuddha 30 mins £3: It’s throat chakra week. I don’t mention the chakra much in this session as it’s a quickie, but you’ll feel the cleanse of a brisk whole body flow (5.8.20)
  10. Sauca flow 30 mins £3: A nice mix of flow and stretch. Lively and yet calming (12.8.20)
  11. 22.1.21: Whole body flow. 30 mins £4
  12. 29.1.21: Down on the mat hip openers, 30 mins £4.
  13. 5.2.21: Soft and stretchy down on the mat at the start, on the feet for the end. A nice all rounder. 30 mins £4.
  14. 19.2.21: Soft and stretchy down on the mat, focusing on the hips. 30 mins £4.
  15. 25.2.21 30 mins £4: Flowing sequence to enliven on what feels like the first day of spring.
  16. 5.3.21 30 mins £4: A feeling of spring as we flow and wake up the body.
  17. 12.3.21 30 mins £4: A more lively flow to wake up the body. Mostly closed hip poses. A sweet little lively number.


Weekly creative meditations to celebrate life live every Tuesday 8-8.15pm £1. In addition below are a few I have recorded.

  1. Healing Meditation and My Miracle Story £2.
  2. Time Travel and My Story £2: We celebrate the power of the mind to revisit past, dwell on the present and venture into the future, and how this can be incredibly powerful.
  3. Self Love and Manifestation £1: As energy beings we are connected to the Universe. Manifestation and self love don’t have to hard (26.5.20)
  4. Tree of Life £1: Effortlessly manifesting from our place of oneness and security. Planted into abundance like a tree in magical soil (2.6.20)
  5. Yoga Ceremony £2: Using ritual and subtle energy to create a beautiful meditation experience. Using mudra, mantra, pranayama, sankalpa, visualisation and Yogananda’s guided meditation (9.6.20)
  6. Maries Guided Meditations £3: My meditation teacher is psychic and mediumistic. She runs beautiful meditations every Monday live at 8pm. Join us or purchase a copy below. She takes you on a journey to meet guides, loved ones, angels and your higher self. They last approx 30 mins and are a treasure (Manor House 1.6.20; Sacred Mountain 8.6.20; The Cave 22.6.20; Higher Realms 6.7.20; Fairytale Cottage 4.8.20)
  7. Yoga Retreat £3: I’ve kept the price so low so you can truly feel treated. 90 minutes of pure tlc. Starting with very gentle Yin yoga, followed by a guided meditation by Marie to take you to meet your guides. Expect to be transported to a places of softness xx
  8. Loving What Is. £1: Using mindfulness to be with things exactly as they are. Becoming the true lover of yourself, others and life (23.6.20)
  9. The Boat £1: A mindfulness practice that also takes you on a guided jouney into trust, manifestation and healing (30.6.20)
  10. Yin Meditation £1: A short Yin sequence as a moving meditation. Yin can sometimes take you deeper than stillness (7.7.20)
  11. Quietness Meditation £1: Moving into a space within where there is quietness (14.7.20)
  12. Flower Chakra Meditation £1: A beautiful session where I have an altar full of symbols of the chakras. Using flowers, crystals and fruit. Balancing and healing (22.7.20)
  13. Sauca £1: Working with white light to cleanse and purify the energy, but also to illuminate parts of your life that want to be cleansed and shifted (28.7.20)
  14. Acceptance £1: A mantra based session for our throat chakra week. As we face all parts of ourselves, shadow and light, we bring love and acceptance so we can be real (4.8.20)
  15. Be You £5: This weeks meditation is at the end of a gentler yoga flow, making the whole session 1 hour 15 mins. Creative questions are asked to prompt deeper answers, to evoke your truth (11.8.20)
  16. Heart Meditation £1: A nidra taking you into your heart space. Such a beautiful process (10.11.20)
  17. Garden of Truth £1: This one is a podcast. A lovely meditation to help you listen to the truth of who you are and why you’re here (17.11.20)
  18. Simple Mindful Breath £1: Taking it back to the sweet basics of focussing on the breath (24.11.20)
  19. Mindful Fist Release (free of charge): A simple mindful hand gesture and mantra to ground yourself into the present moment (25.11.20)
  20. Joy: Joy week has got us meditating on this warm theme (8.1.21)GP
  21. Open Gratitude: As we open to what is, we open to life and allow gentle gratitude for life (12.1.21) GP
  22. Mantra Meditation: Instead of just guided meditation, I’m starting to teach you how to meditate for yourself. This session uses mantra. We use the word ‘peace’ as an anchor for the mind (12.3.21)

Vinyasa Flow £5

Classes 1-18 are 90 minutes, after that they are 60 mins due to popular demand. They are physically challenging with soulful themes woven through

  1. Kali Cleanse: using breath of fire and Kali mudra, shift what no longer serves you (30.3.20)
  2. Whole Body Flow: a lovely class to open you up (6.4.20)
  3. Easing In: I was ill this week, so this class involves more ease. Sweet (13.4.20)
  4. Sacral Creativity: Lots of hips. New transitions. Faster flowing, like water. Cheeky, happy, creative flow (20.4.20)
  5. A Greater Love: Threaded throughout this whole body flow are pearls of self love. A slower stretchier practice with optional challenges like Side Crow, Bird of Paradise and 8 Angle Pose (27.4.20)
  6. Creativity: I love this sequence but it’s imperfect so I’m charging £4 for it. It has new poses for my yogis and creative sequencing. I forgot to do pidgeon on the left side and did a left mini sequence twice. I felt disjointed that day so it manifested. However it’s happy, carefree, honest and a favourite of many students lol (4.5.20)
  7. Earth Flow: Unlike most Monday classes, this one explores stillness, stability and strength. Everything we need for a solid structure. It involves self love, self care and deep listening (11.5.20)
  8. To the Sea: Everything returns to the sea. This flow twists and turns. It energises and refreshes. If you stay centred it brings you home x (18.5.20)
  9. Embers: This class comes with a talk. It’s too easy for fire themes to just be tough and sweaty. If fire is determination, be determined to find balance, peace and love (25.5.20)
  10. Breathe: A lovely vinyasa flow working with the element of air. Flowing and refreshing (1.6.20)
  11. Ether: Working with subtle energy in this vinyasa flow. Using mudra, mantra, visualisation, pranayama and sankalpa (8.6.20)
  12. Divine Mother: An unusual class, connecting with trust, childlikeness and not needing to be strong. I had a moment of total vulnerability in this class where I went totally blank. It so fitted the theme. Trusting, no matter what. Offering this more tlc class at £4 as my gift xx (15.6.20)
  13. The Lover: This one comes with a separate intro. It’s a theme I’ve never experienced in a class before. A sensual flow based upon the theme of being in a loving sensual relationship, focusing upon the hips, heart and throat. Really beautiful experience (22.6.20)
  14. The Healer: Carrying on from The Mother and The Lover, we explore through vinyasa flow, how to give the love we have received, becoming The Healer (29.6.20)
  15. Self Care: This class starts off a week of exploring how to care for our needs more (6.7.20)
  16. The Silence: Feeling into the silent spaces in life and between events. Honouring space (13.7.20)
  17. Comfort: Dwelling with our heart space, knowing ourselves more. Nestling into more comfort as we live our lives (20.7.20)
  18. Cleansing: Sauca is the sanskrit word for cleansing or purity. It’s one of the Niyamas from the Yoga Sutras and is so relevant with Covid. A thought provoking practice that produces heat from plenty of vinyasa and modifications of sun salutations (27.7.20)
  19. Throat Chakra: A lovely cleansing practice with lots of twists. A whole body flow with little challenges woven in. The start includes a talk on how to live the throat chakra message this week (3.8.20)
  20. Sauca Truth: It was such a hot day so this class is a lovely stretch out with a really beautiful theme. Be true to yourself (10.8.20)
  21. Vinyasa Play: A more playful flow (12.11.20)
  22. Playful Sequencing: We are having a little play with new ways of threading poses together. I loved this class (19.11.20)
  23. Strength & Balance: A sequence aimed at building strength and challenging your balance as you flow between balancing asanas fluidly (26.11.20)
  24. December: In this wintral class we open up the body with flow. Stronger but not too strong. Warming and opening (8.12.20) GP
  25. Joyful Flow: It’s January and we blast the new year with this fun faster flow (8.1.21) GP
  26. Surfy Side Body: A lovely flowy playful sequence to open the side body. Challenges are offered if wanted, like handstand variations and hip opening arm balance. These challenges are optional (14.1.21) GP
  27. 21.1.21: A stronger flow with a few challenges thrown in to build strength and balance.
  28. 28.1.21: A stronger flow with a few cheeky challenges thrown in there.
  29. 4.2.21: Kindness theme. There are sound issues in this class. The alarm downstairs went off, so happy to gift this class for £3
  30. 11.2.21: Flowing with the them of mindfulness.
  31. 18.2.21: Our first class using hand weights in poses to build strength (tins of food or water bottles will also do).
  32. 25.2.21: Working with weights for strength and flow for stretch.
  33. 4.3.21: Stretch, slow flow, faster flow then ending with stretch. A feeling of a dancy flow.
  34. 11.3.21: Flowy and stretchy is the number for this class. Smooth flows x
Friday Stretch Out £5

This 60 minute dose of sweetness is aimed to ease you into a slower pace at the end of your working week. It was filmed live.

  1. Shoulders, Hips & Neck Release: Slow, stretchy, easing out the tight bits (3.4.20)
  2. Soft Folds: Lots of forward folds and hips, with instruction on how to use props like a hug. I did this when I was ill, so it’s the best tlc healing remedy (17.4.20)
  3. Classic Whole Body Flow: Designed to unwind x (24.4.20)
  4. Work it: A class designed to tap into your inner strength. You’re stronger than you know. When you embrace bits of physical strength it can make you feel emotionally stronger too (1.5.20)
  5. Earth Magic: Using mudra, mantra and sankalpa we move through the feeling of earth energy. Slower, like a moving meditation (8.5.20)
  6. Hips: A flow with lots of hip openers (15.5.20)
  7. Molten: This fire inspired theme was done outside on a warm night. It’s a delicious whole body flow designed to melt you into fluidity (29.5.20)
  8. Blustery: A super creative class with the theme of air. We are feeling into the space between poses, dancing in the air as we flow and transition. There’s no path. Only infinite possibilities of expression (5.6.20)
  9. Spacious Place: Taking on the theme of the element Ether, we explore feeling into space within a flow, and how to be a spacious place. Incorporating quite a few balancing poses. At times challenging but fun (12.6.20)
  10. Held: Within the theme of The Mother we lie back into her arms in this very gentle sequence. True rest (19.6.20)
  11. Beloved: The theme of The Lover takes a turn so we are now The Beloved. A gentle sequence where we rest and are held by The Lover. Friday unfurling TLC on a very hot day (26.6.20)
  12. Healing Yourself: Part of the weeks theme of healing. A good old stretch out of the whole body (3.7.20)
  13. Caring for Yourself: Part of the weeks theme of Self Care, an active class full to the brim with twists. I loved this class. Challenging in places. It wrings you out so you’re fresh and ready for the world (10.7.20)
  14. Quietly: A lovely gentle class, softly opening up the body with gentle self care. It felt a soft embrace for our weeks theme of Silence (17.7.20)
  15. Rumi: For the last Friday online class (studios open next week so online is reduced) I did an inspirational class weaving in the mystical poetry of Rumi. A whole body flow that leaves you soft, open and inspired (24.7.20)
Yin and Relax £5

A dose of real wind down. These yin style poses are slow and long held, down on the mat. It takes you deep physically, emotionally, spiritually. Pure medicine (classes 1-13 are 90 mins, after that they are 60 mins due to popular demand)

  1. Swan: twists, heart openers and hips. Swan pose being the strongest in the sequence, but then swans are strong, graceful and simply glide (5.4.20)
  2. Dragon: It’s Easter day and time to transform (12.4.20)
  3. Soft Flow: this sequence has elements of flow in it. Not quite traditional Yin in places. Flow is like a breath of fresh air in between long holds of stillness (19.4.20)
  4. The Place Where They Go: This class is all about choosing where you want to go. I didn’t want to be confined to stillness, I felt too sparky, so I offered sparkles of Vinyasa in between poses. Your choice though. Be free, always (26.4.20)
  5. Tender: A sequence on a day where I felt fragile. Soft. Enfolding, like a hug. My phone died after 70 minutes, manifesting how I felt. I marvel. £4 as it’s sent in 2 parts (3.5.20)
  6. Textures: A class where we explore the 5 elements. Each has a feeling sensation (10.5.20)
  7. Land: This week was Earth themed. Soft, settled Yin magic (17.5.20)
  8. Lake: As still as a pool we dive into the depths of juicy hips (24.5.20)
  9. Firefly: Exploring that a fire theme doesn’t have to be strong. Your inner firelight is love (31.5.20)
  10. Glide on Thermals: This air themed class felt like gliding high above all noise and rush. It was very silent and still. The poses are soft and you should feel as light as air at the end (7.6.20)
  11. Expand: A super stretchy flow in the garden to end this weeks theme of the element of Ether. Using stronger poses like Dragon and Swan, this class makes you feel melted at the end. Spacious. (14.6.20)
  12. Silence: A rare sequence where I talk as little as possible so you can drop deep deep deep. Delicious (21.6.20)
  13. Loved: A lovely gentle Yin session for the weeks theme of The Lover (28.6.20)
  14. Nurturing Care: Part of the weeks theme of Self Care, this gentle practice has lots of hip openers. Soft and yummy (12.7.20) These classes are now 60 mins long.
  15. Silent Spaces (£4): Part of the weeks theme of Silence, this Yin is slightly more challenging, with poses like the Dragon. A nice mixture of stretch and rest (19.7.20)
  16. Relational Hips £4: Chocca with hip openers, linked to the sacral chakra which is so relational. The aim is to ready us for next week when studios reopen and all change again (26.7.20)
  17. Ease: A lovely session. Quiet. A feeling of ease threads throughout this class (2.8.20)
  18. Sunday Vibes: An easy meander through the softness of yin. Perfect for a sunday (9.8.20)
  19. Stretchy: A real good stretch out! (16.8.20)
  20. Candlelight: A beautiful session by candlelight. Like a hug (30.8.20)
  21. Comfort: Softness and comfort are the aim (6.9.20)
  22. Settle: A lovely blend of beathwork, guided meditation, yin and nidra. Calming the nervous system right down (6.11.20)
  23. So Gentle: This session involves meditation an nidra. Very soft, very dreamy. Drift away (13.11.20)
  24. Safely: We open parts that can feel vulnerable. Hips and heart. Very relational centres. Lots of soft options given (20.11.20)
  25. Juicy Hips: Focusing on the hips for this juicy sequence (27.11.20)
  26. Softy Yin: One to relax you (13.12.20) GP
  27. Joy Stretchy & Yin: This weeks theme was Joy. I don’t mention it much but it’s in the flowier aspect of this class (8.1.21) GP
  28. Grateful week: For our gratitude week we did lots of side body opening. I’ve woven bits into this Yin, with hips, hams and heart (15.1.21) GP
  29. 22.1.21: Whole body yin but also super soft.
  30. 29.1.21: Hips and heart and lots of calming down. A relational sequence.
  31. 5.2.21: Whole body yin. A good all rounder.
  32. 12.2.21: Yin but with shorter stretches in between to give that feel of soft, fluid release.
  33. 19.2.21: A softy sequence for the hips. Nothing too fierce. Yummy!
  34. 26.2.21: A soft sequence of stretches. Soft so you can go to that dreamy place.
  35. 5.3.21: A soft sequence to open the heart, like a heart dance of in and out… Lots of folds and heart openers.

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