Online and In Person Classes

Taking the step to continue your yoga journey from home and in studio. Going deeper. Renewing your commitment to transformation. Let the magic begin.


Here’s your menu of online and in person classes!

Please note that all purchases of live zoom classes can also be sent to you as a recorded copy, so you can keep it forever. Just ensure you download the class to your computer.

To order simply email me on mandacat1@hotmail.co.uk telling me which classes you want and for payment details if you don’t have my bank details already.

Online classes are £6 (£5 for low waged). If you feel to donate more or need to donate less, just let me know x

Take a breath. Notice the spaces. Yoga.

In Studio Classes

Mon: The Nook Urban Retreat Yoga Studio 6-7pm Vinyasa flow £9 £42 for 5 classes (See their website http://www.thenookurbanretreat.com)

Mon: The Village Hotel 7.30-9pm for a fairly strong vinyasa flow (tends to get fully booked with members of that fitness centre). Contact The Village for current prices.

Tues: The Haven 6.15-7.15pm yoga (a blend of styles), 7.20-7.35pm meditation. If you join in studio it’s £10 for everything. If you join on zoom it’s £6 for yoga and a donation for meditation if you want to stay for that. You’re also welcome to just join for meditation. This class is good for beginners.

Weds: The Haven 6.15-7.30pm yoga (a blend of styles) £10. No zoom option. This class tends to go deeper into the energetics and philosophy of yoga.

Thurs: The Village Hotel 11.30am-12.30 a gentler flow (Contact The Village Hotel for current prices)

Thurs: Elite Therapy 6-7pm £8 (£5 for 1st sesh) a gentler flow. Zoom options available and classes are currently held at The Haven. Elite is a physiotherapy centre so clients tend to have specific physical needs. A great class to join if you have injuries that need care.

Thurs: The Haven 7.15-8.15pm £8. This class is aimed at vinyasa flow and strength building. Zoom options available.

Fri: The Village Hotel 11.30am-12.30 gentle yoga (see above for prices)

Sat: Elite Therapy 10-11am, a gentler flow as it’s a physio centre £8 (£5 for 1st sesh)

All studio venues are based in Coventry.

The above images are of The Haven, my home studio. It is based in the city centre. There’s free parking in the evening. It has plenty of windows and is furnished with a natural bamboo floor and tends to be candlelit. It’s been a firm favourite for a lot of students because here I can offer a real personal touch. I tend to restrict numbers to 4 or 5 people per class.

The Nook is a beautiful boutique yoga and art studio, also based in the city centre. It attracts beautiful yogi souls and it’s a venue that many love for the atmosphere of dedicated yoga space, rather than a gym.

Elite Physio centre is a real healing space. The clients adore that extra bit of tlc for their body and strong bonds tend to develop between clients as we share this journey. Such a special space and plenty of props which tend to feel like a yoga hug!

The Village Hotel is a higher class fitness and wellness facility that boasts a huge wellness studio room with multi-coloured soft wall lighting and plenty of air if needed. No one is at risk of feeling cramped in this huge room and the sound system is fantastic. Please contact the Village Hotel on the day to see if spaces are available if you’re not a member as members are prioritised. If you purchase a day pass to attend class, that pass gives you access to everything, including all classes that day, the pool and jacuzzi etc.

Online Classes

All of my online classes are filmed from The Haven (See above for class descriptions)

Online classes are zoom based and you can attend live or receive a recorded copy.

Tues Night Meditation at The Haven

At 7.20-7.35pm I offer the chance to have a live meditation together. Each week will be different as we explore the many and varied ways we can tune in, find calm, manifest intentions and shift our energy. Feel free free to donate anything from £1 to £3 to whatever you feel.

Tuesday Night Yoga at The Haven

This is a live class from 6.15-7.15pm where we explore many styles of yoga, often flowing. Each week will be different. I often rely on intuition and feedback on what people need from week to week. Yoga is so vast. I believe a buffet of styles is a real joy sometimes. £6 for regular waged, £5 for low waged. Some pay more if they can afford it, some need to pay less, so please contact me with any financial needs x

Thursday Stronger Vinyasa Flow at The Haven

This is a live class from 7.15-8.15pm. It offers a physical challenge and stronger options to shift the mind, body and the breath. It’s good fun. £6 or £5 for low waged.

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S Iyengar
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