Coming Home

Weekly Meditation Sessions

Every Tuesday I run a live meditation session from 7.20-7.35pm in my home studio. You can join me in studio if you do the yoga class beforehand, or join live on zoom, or else receive a recorded copy. Feel free to donate what you want or come for free. You join by emailing me on and simply telling me you would like the link.

I also have a prerecorded healing meditation story and practice. It’s the story of one of my many healing miracles. Sometimes we need to tune in, to download the magic of the universe. See Library of Past Classes for listings of meditation recordings and stories, all for just £2. All super miraculous xx

During this time of facing the pandemic of Corona virus, we need calm more than ever. Meditation clears our head. It gives us sense of space, which in turn brings clarity. It calms our nervous system and aids healing. For those of you with a spiritual practice it is the blank canvas upon which your soulful connections can be made clearer. There is no one it wouldn’t benefit.

There are so many ways to meditate. You don’t have to just sit stock still and count your breath. There’s also visualisation; guided meditation; chocolate meditation (I know that caught your eye!); storytelling; drinking in an image, a flower, a piece of music, a sunset. Anytime we are here and now we are in a state of mindfulness. It is one of the foundations of yoga and leads to enlightenment, which can be thought of as simply getting lighter, or less heavy.

So come and join us on this magical mindful path, that will take you to places inside that you perhaps never knew were there. Depths, states of stillness, feelings of oneness, intense beauty, peace and joy, all from doing less and being more you.

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